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More than 10 years since the Argentine Foreign Ministry launched "Argentina Trade Net" as an instrument to transfer market intelligence information generated by the Embassy Network, Promotion Centers and Consulates to the export sector, the system required an update both in terms of some of its functionalities and its design.

We make this new instrument available to the public, trusting that it will facilitate the access of useful data to contribute to the increase of exports and the internationalization of our companies.

The new site has been developed entirely in this Chancellery, which will allow us to introduce improvements to the system, arising from daily operations or based on suggestions from users.

Likewise, new modules will gradually be incorporated with additional information that is considered of interest for the export sector.

More than 7,000 Exporters, Traders and Entities, 74,000 Importers from abroad validated by our offices abroad, more than 250 Business Guides, Country Reports and reports on ecosystems, abundant market information for different products, hundreds of Business Opportunities and International Tenders detected by the Headquarters abroad, are some of the information that we put at your disposal.

The module corresponding to Market Information is still in preparation, subject to new adjustments, to allow the correct visualization of the information elaborated by the External Network.


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