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It is available for online consultation at Argentina Compra and PERMER websites.

The second national competitive bidding of the second stage of PERMER, Renewable Energy in the Rural Market Project existing since 1999, is for the provision and installation of approximately 7,500 solar equipments in various provinces.  On this occasion, Chaco, Corrientes, Catamarca, Salta, Tucumán, San Juan, Río Negro, Santa Cruz, will be part of the tender. The statement of conditions consists of 13 batches and it benefits about 30.000 users.

The objective of the project is to provide the rural areas countrywide with reliable electric supply in a sustainable manner through the use of renewable energy. It contributes to meet the basic lighting and communication needs that sparsely population have.

The supplying of solar photovoltaic systems is expected to happen only in dispersed houses which are far from urban centers; although PERMER seeks to facilitate de access to electricity also in public facilities such as schools, hospitals and national parks.

The set of specifications is published at https://permer.se.gob.ar/ and on the website of the Argentine  Procurement Office, www.argentinacompra.gov.ar.

The first phase of PERMER ended in 2012 and allowed the electrification of approximately 1,800 schools, 350 public services and 27000 houses; covering a large proportion of the dispersed rural population. The purpose of this second stage is to continue the electrification and thus achieve universal access to energy.

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